The first private social and wellness club designed for you.

Opening in Brooklyn

November 2019

Ethel’s Club is a private social club created to celebrate your identity and experiences. We believe that you are your best self when you have the freedom to do so. Our space is a haven for new ideas, like-minded people and dynamic conversations.

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At Ethel’s Club you have the space, freedom and support to build the world you envision.

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at our first location

Located in the heart of East Williamsburg, Ethel's Club provides cozy lounge areas, quiet workspaces, a wellness room, on-site therapy, a house cafe, phone booths and more. Created for people of color, every element of the space is designed with intention and care.


with you in mind

Ethel’s Club collaborates with organizations, and companies looking to advance and empower people of color. All of the decor and furnishings in the club are created by designers, artisans and makers that support our vision.

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